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Body Temperature
Detection Camera

 On-board temp-detection algorithm
 One IP address two channels
 Effective pixels 400×300
 Sensitivity 40mK
 Thermal: 8mm Fixed lens, Visible: 3.6 ~11mm motorized lens
 Accuracy 0.3°C
 Body detection, up to 45 Targets
 Response Time 30ms
 17 color control


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Providing advanced HART Communication 
Convert your PC or Mobile into a full-featured HART Communicator!
With our Smart Communicator software and a HART modem,
you can use your PC, Tablet, or Android Smartphone as a full featured
HART communicator at the fraction of the cost of a handheld communicator.

Perform Foundation Fieldbus (FF) and HART communications in
hazardous areas using Bluetooth interface.
USB interface for non-hazardous areas.