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Calibration is critical to the measurement integrity of your equipment.

Test Benches
The Calibration Company offers a complete range of test benches for test, measurement, and calibration applications in the industry where the tasks are fulfilled in a laboratory or E&I workshop.
We strongly believe that each customer is unique, with unique applications, unique challenges, and which require a unique solution. Each Trac-Test Bench is unique, dedicated to your requirements and expectations with unrivaled quality, setting the benchmark in the market of a test, measurement, and calibration test benches!
The Trac concept covers all your requirements, from a single stand-alone test bench for some general electrical maintenance duties up to a full-automatic calibration corner test bench design for a calibration laboratory up to a complete turn-key E&I Maintenance workshop for your complete plant. Efficiency will improve, doing the same job in less time with a better and higher output will decrease operational costs immediately. With an average lifetime of over 15 years, the return on investment is unrivaled in the market.
Copied by many but never challenged on quality, flexibility, modularity, and functionality!

Designed with Flexibility and Modularity in Mind

The system features furniture made from high-quality chipboard with a melamine resin coating which is scratch and heat resistant and is not affected by most fluids found in a workshop environment. Conductive (ESD) versions are also available. Various frame colors are possible without extra costs to fit the system into your corporate style. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A very wide range of high quality sturdy industrial-grade tables are available with table tops up to 30mm thick and all-round frame with cross-beam, made from rectangular steel tubing. Choice in design and functionality with fixed or, (electrically) adjustable in, height

Benchtops and racks
The benchtop units are designed for optimum flexibility.
All types of panel mount equipment, 19”, or any other size rack, can be integrated. Blind plates can cover any unused slots. The units can be placed either directly on the worktable or on a raised support above the workbench.

Drawers and Cabinets
The systems can be supplied with a wide variety of drawers and cabinet for the storage of documents, tools, accessories, etc. They can be mounted under, floor standing or mobile with wheels. Various inserts are available to suit your specific requirements.

Integrated utilities
All systems are plug and play. Only connect the utilities and your system is in operation. For your convenience the Tradinco benchtop units are fitted with a panel for connecting low, high pressure and vacuum supplies as well as electrical power, RS232, and IEEE488 connections.


We can integrate virtually each and every pressure calibrator into our systems. Amongst Tradinco’s own series of instruments, all reputed brands can be integrated as well. Depending on your demands and application we will select the best possible solution.

Low & High-pressure Control Panels
These panels are widely used in the industry for general applications where regulated test pressures are required. One or more range can be combined in one panel where the output pressure can be monitored on the analogue gauges

Pressure generation
A wide range of hand pumps, pneumatic, hydraulic, or combined and comparison test pumps are available for simple pressure generations.
Pressure can be achieved within the range from
–1 to 1000 barg.
For higher workloads, We can supply a compressor system or air-driven booster systems.
Please contact us if such information is required.
If absolute pressures or vacuum is required, we can supply you with a wide range of quiet vacuum pumps, including a frame for mounting under the tabletop.


Process signal indicators and calibrators
A variety of panel-mounted instruments, from digital multimeters to advanced multifunction calibrators can be offered.
These instruments are capable to measure or simulate a wide range of electrical process signals. The most common signals are, RTD’s, thermocouples, and resistance, as well as a sourcing and reading milliamps, millivolts, volts, and frequency. Again all major brands can be integrated, meeting your requirements fully.

Mains and Plug Socket modules
The Mains Power Supply Units are used for power supply; fuse protection and switching the benchtop units on and off. Plug socket modules are available in various configurations with SCHUKO, CEE, BS, USA, and other sockets.

Variable AC& DC Power Supplies
The adjustable AC supplies are available in various ranges with analogue or digital volt and current meter, floating or non-floating output, 1 phase or 3 phase and special motor test versions.
AC/DC supplies provide continuously adjustable AC-supply from zero volts upwards and can be switched over to DC. A variable/ratio transformer with a rotary knob is used to set the voltage. The DC supply has a ripple of 48%.
The DC supplies are available in numerous versions, fixed, adjustable, single, dual, and triple output. The voltage and current output are shown on two digital indicators. Outputs are though safety lab connectors.

Other electrical modules
Soldering-desoldering modules, Panel mount versions, either separate or combined, including an integrated vacuum pump and digital display, adjustable
within the range of 150 – 400 degrees C.
Oscilloscopes, frequency counters and generators, decade boxes, digital multimeters, continuity tester, timers, and all kinds of electrical modules, commonly used in the workshop can be integrated into the system.


Dry-block calibrators
Various models to cover temperatures from -45°C below ambient to 1200°C available as a stable source or complete calibration system These innovative calibrators combine a highly stable temperature source with precision measurement of temperature probe signals, providing a truly standalone temperature calibrator suitable for laboratory, workshop, and portable use.

Temperature baths
For testing and calibrating large size probes and or large quantities simultaneously, temperature baths can offer a good and stable solution.
Various ranges are available and can be integrated into the worktable or as a standalone.

Temperature Indicators
High precision reference standards are available to calibrate your process instrumentation.
Accuracies up to 0,05 degrees C and ranges between –200 to 1300 degrees C are possible

Thermocouple and RTD probes
To complete the temperature measurement and calibration section, we can offer a wide range of probes in various quality, accuracy, and ranges.

Calibration Management

Once you have a complete system, fulfilling your hardware requirements to perform your test, measurement, and calibration job in the best possible way, your process can be further improved by connecting it all to one Calibration Management system, Autocal.

Autocal is a powerful management tool for anyone with responsibility for ensuring that devices are calibrated in line with today’s quality guidelines such as ISO 9000, environmental standards, systems validation, and safety guidelines. It is a unique software package, designed to make the management and execution of calibration and certification of measuring devices fast, simple and error-free. We offer a complete plug and play system, including workstations, printers, interfaces, cabling, etc. Our instrumentation is used around the world in aerospace, transportation, oil and gas exploration and production, petrochemical processing, power generation, pharmaceuticals, and the industrial sector generally.

AutoCal Calibration Software

  • Real-time online communication
  • Up & download of data
  • Compatible with third-party equipment
  • Primary pressure standards
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Management functions
  • Network capabilities
  • Traceable calibration reports
  • Saves time and money
Reduce uncertainties with our AutoCal Calibration Software
AutoCal is a total software solution to manage and execute calibrations, compliant to the international standards of metrology. This is a very powerful tool to decrease uncertainties and ensures a high-quality standard. The software is well accepted in the market worldwide.

Versatile calibration standards:
The software can communicate with a wide variety of instruments used for calibrations.

Online & offline communication:
Interface online with bench-mounted calibration standards as well with portable field calibrators using IEEE488 or RS232 communication.

Primary pressure standards:
AutoCal supports calibrations using primary pressure standards, Deadweight Testers.

Digital interface:
Interface for Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus and HART.
Multiple functionalities: Multiple calibrations of instruments can be carried out simultaneously. Performing temperature and pressure calibration at the same time.

AutoCal records and organizes all of the standard data you need to calibrate any transmitter or sensor. Information is stored for all process instruments, reference standards, calibration routines, and results.

Calibration report:
AutoCal generates calibration reports, fully in accordance with international standard.

Management functions:
With AutoCal it is easy to manage all your instruments, calibration data, generate calibration reports, and provide information that can be exported into other applications such as spreadsheets, PDF documents, or even to a plant-wide administration system.

Workshop Systems