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COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 HART Communicator Kit
COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 HART Communicator Kit
About Our COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 HART Communicator Kits
Choosing our COM-TABLET-AN C1D1 HART communicator kit for Class 1, Division 1 hazardous areas can give your business a range of vital benefits. This hazardous-area HART communicator kit combines all components needed for an intrinsically safe, cost-effective HART handheld communicator for Class 1, Division 1.

Included with these hazardous-area HART communicator kits:
TAB-EX 01 rugged tablet with Bluetooth, Android 4.4, Wi-Fi, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB Storage Memory, 8-inch touchscreen
DevComDroid Smart Device Communicator App
Complete HART DD Library
Viator BT Bluetooth HART modem
Loop Resistor, 250 Ohm
Rugged hard plastic case with carrying handle
1-year warranty
Why to Choose the COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 HART Communicator for Your Hazardous Area Requirements
One key reason to opt for ProComSol’s hazardous-area HART communicator kits is because our equipment is high quality, economical, and comes in a rugged enclosure to ensure its viability. Additionally, our hazardous-area HART communicator kits come equipped with our premier DevComDroid software.

These COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 hazardous-area HART communicator kits have been crafted to work within Class 1, Division 2 hazardous areas, giving your company the benefit of knowing that your equipment is rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions and continue to operate functionally and efficiently.