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PROCOMSOL CLOUD-1YR, Cloud Subscription, 1 year

PROCOMSOL CLOUD-1YR, Cloud Subscription, 1 year

Product Description

Cloud computing for HART systems allows you to store your saved device configurations on our secure cloud server. With our cloud subscription, your HART device configuration data is safely backed up and it’s easy to share the configuration data with your team members.
ProComSol’s HART Cloud Server is a safe option for storing and backing up important data and configurations. We offer yearly subscriptions for HART cloud computing that provide cloud access for an entire year. When it comes to securely saving data or sharing configurations with your team members, our options for cloud computing HART systems is the optimal choice for you.

HART Cloud Server Features

Some key features of our HART cloud computing include: 
  • Store your device configurations on our Cloud server
  • Secure and safe
  • Backs up your data in case your mobile device is lost or damaged
  • Share device configurations with your colleagues
  • Cloud access for 1 year
Please note that our HART Cloud Server requires a DevCom license. Please provide your LicenseID when ordering.


Copyright 2023 by Rex Instruments
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