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DevCom2000 Smart Device Communicator
DevCom2000 Smart Device Communicator
Benefits of DevCom2000
This PC HART communication software comes loaded with these great benefits:
Perform complete HART device configurations using your laptop PC
Uses the registered DD files from the FieldComm Group - View Current DD Library List
Complete access to all features of the device DD including Methods
Monitor PV, Multi-variables, and Device Status
View and edit device Variables
The most affordable DD based HART communication solution available
Access WirelessHART devices via Ethernet connection to WirelessHART Gateway
Use with any HART Modem

Windows HART Communication Software Features
Below are the available features that come equipped with the DevCom2000 smart device communicator:
Trend process variables as well as any other parameter associated with the device
Supports HART 7 and WirelessHART devices
Supports HART-IP
Windows Explorer menu layout
Device menu structure easy to navigate
Get to the information you want quickly
Communication and Event Logs
Save configurations as a PDF file for documenting the device - View a sample PDF Report
Write saved configurations to devices
Clone devices
No tag limits 
Complies with new Enhanced DDL standard (IEC 61804-3)
Comes with all the latest registered DD’s from the FieldComm Group
1 Year warranty
Supports Boost mode for HM-USB-ISO HART Modem
Guaranteed to work with Windows 7-10 (32 and 64 bit)