ABB Buoyancy Level Switch MS10

ABB Buoyancy Level Switch MS10

Product Description

ABB's MS10 Level Switch is the most rugged and durable liquid buoyancy point-level switch product in the industrial marketplace today. The MS10 is a horizontal mounted buoyancy level switch which has minimal impact to the changes in process fluid specific gravity.
The K-TEK MS10 is a Single-pole, Double-throw Electric Switch Capable of Sensing the Liquid Level inside a Process Vessel. The MS10 Requires No Preventative Maintenance as it is Totally Sealed. It Provides either a Normally Open or Normally Closed Dry Contact to Activate External Devices such as Alarms or Solenoids. Variations in Process Fluid Specific Gravity have Minimal Effect on the Level Measured because of the Small Size of the Integral Float.
  • Electrical Contacts are Magnetically Isolated from Process
  • Mounting via 1-1/2" NPT Process Connection
  • Optional Flange Mounting Adapters Available
  • Hermetically Sealed SPDT Switch (NO / NC Contact)
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Switch is Totally Enclosed with Stainless Steel Housing
  • Hex Shaped Housing
  • Designed and Constructed to FM, UL, NEMA and ANSI/ISA Guidelines