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ProComSol develops HART communicators for mobile device software that bridges the gap between HART Protocol devices, allowing for configuration, monitoring, calibrating, and troubleshooting of HART instruments in industrial plants.
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 PIE 535  Voltage Process Calibrator & 10-50 mA

PIE 535 Voltage Process Calibrator & 10-50 mA

Product Description

4-20 & 10-50 mA/Voltage DUAL RANGE CALIBRATOR
Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) Model 535 brings you the features of a calibrator for 4-20 milliamp as well as10-50 milliamp process loops.  The EZ-Dial™ knob and EZ-Check™ switch are all that's needed to make quick adjustments or set 0% or 100% of full scale.
The EZ-Step™ button provides one-handed stepping. Automatic stepping and ramping modes allow hands-free testing and calibration of the process loop with HIGH accuracy and repeatability designed in collaboration with Nuclear plants. The basic Model 535 supplies over 42V at 50 mA to power most instruments. The Model 535-50 supplies over 50V at 50 mA for instruments requiring power supplies of 48 V dc. With the Model 535, calibration is easy as PIE.
  • True ± 0.025% of reading
  • Read and Source 0.000 to 50.000 mA
  • Display current or -25.00 to 125.00% of 4-20mA or 10-50mA
  • Bar graph displays % of 4-20mA or 10-50 mA
  • Read 0.00 to 60.00 volts with 2X over range ability
  • Simulate 2-Wire Transmitters
  • Power 2-Wire Transmitters and Read 0.000-50.000mA
  • Read 0.00 to ± 30.00 VDC with 4X over range ability
  • Source 0.000 to 24.000 VDC with up to 20mA output
  • Direct Calibration 1.000V to 5.000V
  • Loop Compliance Voltage ≥ 43 Volts
  • Auto Step or Ramp with HIGH accuracy and repeatability designed in collaboration with Nuclear plants
  • Selectable step sizes, time in-between steps & soak time
  • Stop watch like EZ-Check™ switch
  • Full 5 Digit Display
  • Fuseless protection from accidental connection to 240 volts AC/DC
  • Rugged handheld enclosure with optional lanyard and Velcro® hand strap
  • Uses 4 AA Lithium Ion batteries or AC Adaptor (included)
  • Superior battery life of 40 hours under typical continuous usage
  • Easy access to battery compartment
  • NIST Traceable Test Data, A/C Adaptor, and Carrying Case included FREE
Copyright 2024 by Rex Instruments
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