Goaltek Explosion Proof Mobile Lighting (Area Lights) ExMP81R

Goaltek Explosion Proof Mobile Lighting (Area Lights) ExMP81R

Product Description

 Explosion Proof Mobile Lighting (Area Lights) ExMP81R (Rechargeable)
Suitable for explosive environment Class II Zone l, 2 and Class III Zone21, 22. Designed for a multitude of professional contexts, spanning maintenance, disaster relief, emergency response, incident manaqement and construction. They deliver essential hiqh-intensity illumination to ensure operational efficiency and safety in critical scenarios.
Adjust to the desired lighting  mode:
4 lighting modes: Floodlight (2500 lumen), Spotlight (2500 lumen), Floodlight + spotlight high (5500lumen), Floodlight + spotlight low (1500 lumen).
Duration hour: Floodlight (>10 hours), Spotlight (>10 hours), Floodliqht + spotlight high (>6 hours), Floodlight + spotlight low (>18 hours)
Beam angie (°) : Floodlight (132°), Spotlight (27°), Floodliqht + spotlight high (27° Central / 132° outer circle), Floodlight + spotlight low (27° Central / 132° outer circle).
Beam Distance (m) : Floodlight (N/A), Spotlight (200 m), Floodliqht + spotlight high (215 m), Floodlight + spotlight low (112 m).

The 5-section retractable light pole  can be locked at any height and adjusted to the desired Fig hting height.
The support legs have an expansion angle of 90°, providing stable support on uneven work surfaces. it can be fully expanded and locked within 30s. 
The lamp head can be adjusted 300° horizontally and 115° vertically to the desired lighting angle.
Equipped with warning light in the back of the headlight for work safety. Support customized colors.
Easier light mode switch via large button amid gloves-on work.
4 grid power indicator
Battery type: 12 x 21700 lithium battery
Battery capacity: 43.2V / 5000mAh
Charging time: < 7 h
Recharging cycles: 500 cycles
Lamp rotation angle: Horizontal: 300º / Vertical: 115º
Outline dimension: 627x157x277mmmm(Holding) / 2150mm(rising up)
Weight: < 10 Kg
Warning light color: Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/White/Reddish blue(optiona)
Certifications (pending):  IECEx, ATEX
Ex Mark (IECEx): 
Ex eb ib mb IIC T4 Gb; Ex tb lIlC T130°C Db

Ex Mark (ATEX): 
II 2 G  Ex eb ib mb IIC T4 Gb
II 2 D  Ex tb IIIC T130°C Db

Usage: II Zone I /2, and III Zone 21/22
Working ambient temp.: -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +55°C
Ingress protection: IP66
Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
CCT:   6500K